Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3 of Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour


Welcome to Day 3 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. The question I put out to all of these authors was “What challenges do you face in writing romance in today’s society?”
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Today my guest author is V. Steele. A big thanks to V. Steele for blogging with me today. Here is a little about V. and her book Not This Time.
What Challenges do you face writing romance in today’s society?
I guess the biggest challenge has been keeping up with the needs of my readers. I mostly have written paranormal romance, but I lean toward some cowboy romances and erotic romance. I don’t mean over the top erotic, but a little more than someone under 18 might need to read. I’ve tried to follow the trends of today’s top authors. Today’s readers of romance seem to need a little erotic element to keep them interested. My books with erotic elements and more erotic covers sell better. So I guess that’s my challenge, keeping up with what the reader wants, not necessarily what I want.
V. Steele is an author with romance on the brain. She spans several romance genres from contemporary to historical to paranormal. Most of her writing is more for the over 18 crowd. Steamy romance and gorgeous men fill the words coming from her fingers.
Not This Time
This is the 1st book in the “Chasing Cowboys” series. Rachel can’t keep from loving Luke. He’s a true cowboy from his dusty cowboy boots to his black Stetson. But the one thing Luke does best is leave when things heat up. Can Rachel keep him home this time? Luke has a passion for the rodeo, but he also has a passion for Rachel. Will love slip in and replace the rodeo? It’s a story of long lived Lust, Passion, Horses and one hot cowboy…
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